Wallack’s Limited

New Vendor Business Partner Welcome Package

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Message from Michael Wallack, President of Wallack’s Limited
  3. Purchasing Policy
  4. Vendor Rating and Approval
  5. Invoicing
  6. Wallack’s Limited new company information
  7. Contact List

1 Introduction

The purpose of the New Vendor Partnership Package is to keep you, our valued business partner, better informed.  By developing a fully comprehensive document like this, total communication and commitment of both parties is realized.

This package sets out our operational requirements, purchasing policies, vendor rating and approval policies, and invoicing and payment information to better communicate what we are trying to accomplish with Wallack’s Limited.

Failure to meet the requirements and policies by both parties will result in delays in getting your product or service to our stores and customers, which negatively impacts all involved.

It is important that you, as a vendor, fully understand the following policies to ensure our continued mutual success and to continue to improve our relationship.

2 Message from Michael Wallack

Welcome to Wallack’s Limited, a new company with a vision of offering inspiration, resources and innovative products to a growing market of creative people in a wide range of fields including Artists, Makers, Designers, Architects, and people interested in the creative DIY. 

Our mission is simple – help people fulfill their creative ambitions and visions.


As a vendor and supplier to Wallack’s, you are very important to us.  Our philosophy is to go beyond a standard b2b relationship by encouraging partnerships with mutual respect, ambitions, and ideas.  This relationship goes beyond “you supply, we sell”.  Working together, we can push forward with new ideas, test products, and collect valuable data to be shared only with you in full confidence, strengthening our decision making skills.


I look forward to seeing where this new partnership will take us and what it will mean to our customers.  

    Michael Wallack

President, Wallack’s Limited

3 Purchasing Policies

3.1 Purchase Orders

Vendors must obtain a Wallack’s Limited purchase order prior to providing any goods or services.  Verbal purchase orders from Wallack’s Limited staff are not permitted.  Providing goods or services without a purchase order is against policy and is not permitted.

3.2 Discrepancies

Any questions or discrepancies involving a Wallack’s Limited purchase order should be addressed to the primary contact listed on the purchase order.  Any change in costs of goods or any additional charges must be approved by said primary contact prior to invoicing and shipping.

3.3 Freight charges

All efforts will be made on behalf of Wallack’s Limited to comply with the pre-paid freight order minimums of our vendors.  If no such pre-paid policy exists, all freight charges must be approved by the purchase order primary contact prior to invoicing and shipping of goods.  Purchase orders invoiced and shipped with unapproved freight charges will not be accepted.

3.4 Shipping Notification

The primary contact listed on a Wallack’s Limited purchase order must be notified upon shipment of goods; tracking information or the like must be provided via email to the primary purchaser along with an expected or estimated delivery date.

3.5 Damages and Returns

On occasion, goods arrive to our receiving department (s) in damaged and un-saleable condition.  The receiving staff of Wallack’s Limited will note all visible damages on the appropriate waybill or pro bill, and a claim will be made to the vendor within 5 business days of the receipt of goods.  If damages are not visible from the exterior of a shipment but are discovered upon breakdown of the shipment of goods, a claim will be made within 7 business days to the vendor.  The vendor is responsible for crediting the originally invoiced amount for damaged goods to Wallack’s Limited within 10 business days of said claim.

3.6 Shelf Life of Goods

          If goods sold to Wallack’s Limited have a shelf life shorter than 12 months (one year), the vendor must inform the primary contact at the time of receiving the purchase order.  If goods sold to Wallack’s Limited expire or become un-saleable within 12 months (one year) of the original purchase order date (without proper notice of such expiry) they will be returned to the vendor for credit claim.

3.7 Turnaround

          Efficient turnaround time from vendors is expected.  From the date a purchase order is placed, shipments are expected within 4 to 12 business days.  An expected arrival date will be indicated on all purchase orders.  If a purchase order cannot be shipped to Wallack’s Limited within this time frame, the primary contact must be notified and the acceptance of such delay or the cancellation of order will be at the discretion of Wallack’s Limited.

3.8 Backorders

We at Wallack’s Limited realize that out of stock items/backorders can occur.  Excessive backorders (i.e. an item ordered in a large quantity or of high value in excess of $200 cost value) must be brought to the attention of the primary contact on the purchase order prior to invoicing and shipping. All backorders will be recorded and reviewed (please see next section 4 Vendor Rating and Approval).

4 Vendor Rating and Approval

As a part of our new company policies, all vendors will be rated on performance and be subject to approval.  If the policies set out in the previous section (3 Purchasing Policies) are consistently not met, this will result in a low vendor rating and removal from our approved supplier list.

Suppliers must recognize that Wallacks Limited is a customer to our supply base. Exceptional customer support and cost effective solutions from our suppliers is a requirement in all cases for continued business transactions.

Supplier evaluation is a continual process within the Wallacks Limited Supply Chain organization. To achieve our approved supplier status certain criteria must be met.  This process may take the form of a questionnaire or interview, sometimes even a site visit, and will include appraisals of various aspects of the supplier’s business including capacity, financials, quality assurance, organizational structure and processes and performance. Based on the information obtained via the evaluation, a supplier is scored and either approved or not approved as one from whom to procure materials or services. If rejected, the supplier will not be made available to the procurement team. Once approved, a supplier will be re-evaluated on an annual basis as a minimum.

In some cases reviews will be done more frequently if ongoing evaluation metrics are not met.

Metrics to be aware of are as follows:

  • On time delivery
  • Backorders
  • Cost
  • Quality

Soft measurements will include customer service towards Wallack’s Limited and support.

In cases where a supplier is viewed as a critical risk to the success to Wallack’s Limited, every effort will be made on the part of Wallacks Limited to ensure a second source is qualified to reduce our exposure to continuous supply or cost escalations.

For new suppliers looking to do business with Wallacks Limited, please refer to our Supplier Link on our website at http://www.wallacks.com/new-suppliers/ and complete our online entrance survey before contacting us directly.

5 Invoicing and Payment

5.1 Invoicing

All invoices should be sent to Wallack’s Limited via email at invoices@wallacks.com

Invoices should include the following:

-original purchase order number provided by Wallack’s Limited

-date of invoice

-invoice number

-all applicable taxes and freight charges broken out and listed separately

-grand total amount due and currency used

-if services are being billed, please include the date the service was provided

6 Wallack’s Limited New Company Information

Head Office/Ottawa Central Store

Wallack’s Limited

231 Bank St

Ottawa, ON


K2P 1W9

(613)594-9528 p

(613)594-3100 f


Receiving Doors on South side of building on Lisgar St.


Ottawa West Store


Stafford Centre

11-1821 Robertson Road

Nepean, ON


K2H 8X3

(613)596-1001 p

(613)596-1145 f

Kingston Store


290 Princess Street

Kingston, ON


K7L 1B5

(613)549-5806 p

(613)549-6511 f

7 Contact List

Department Contact Name Email Phone
Purchasing Paula Sobieralski paula.sobieralski@wallacks.com (613)594-9528 x306
Accounting Jennifer Burke accounting@wallacks.com (613)594-9528 x310
Operations Ron Joy ron.joy@wallacks.com (613)594-9528 x316
Receiving/Shipping Zheng Wang zheng.wang@wallacks.com (613)594-9528 x304
Human Resources Jennifer White jennifer.white@wallacks.com (613)594-9528 x321

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