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Wallacks Student Acrylic Paint - 1Wallack’s has been offering student grade paints at reasonable prices for over 40 years.

Our student grade acrylic paint gives young artist the opportunity to work with a superior heavy body acrylic paint at a reduced price. Available in 24 base colors, this heavy body polymer paint offers excellent lightfastness not found in other competing student paints.

This 100% acrylic polymer emulsion pigment paint offers a vibrant color range, outstanding opacity and is easily cleaned with soap and water, yet when dry gives a permanent water resistant and flexible finish.

Compatible with both paint knives and brushes, this advanced quality student paint can be applied straight from the tube or thinned with water / acrylic mediums for a variety of applications and techniques

Best results are achieved on porous surfaces for example, canvas, construction paper, wood or cloth.

Also available in four florescent colors and iridescent gold and silver. Golden Paint Buy Now

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