Pebeo Studio Acrylic High Viscosity Paint

 Pedeo Studio Acrylic High Viscosity PaintAcrylic paint was invented and introduced in the early 1950’s in Mexico. It quickly gained popularity and is the most popular choice of paint today due to its ease of cleanup, quick drying, ease of dilution and resilience to aging and weather conditions.

In 1992, Pebeo first  introduced their studio brand acrylic based paint in their patented plastic tubes.  It’s 100% acrylic binder makes it appropriate for all artistic techniques. Not only does Pebeo studio acrylic paint work well with brushes and fine tools, but it also holds brush and spatula layers and lines due to its thick consistency and high viscosity.

This high viscosity universal acrylic paint will adhere to most surfaces with ease. Its vivid rich pigmentation with matt satin finish offers good light fastness and longevity. Its solid acrylic base is resilient to distortion and somewhat flexible.

Mixing and diluting is another strong point of this popular acrylic paint. All colors can be blended with ease creating new vibrant colors and tones. Dilution of this product is simply done with water or off the shelf thinners.

For work that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, the Pebeo lineup will meet the challenge offering many years of solid resilience to cold, hot, direct sun and moisture conditions.

For breathtaking work, that requires depth, volume and vivid coloring the Pebeo Studio line of high viscosity paint will expectations your expectations.


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