Holbein Artists’ Soft Pastels

Holbein has created an exclusive line of artist quality soft pastels that encompasses Holbein Artist Quality Soft Pastels144 individual colors individually sleeved / wrapped square sticks. The automated process is fully computerized from start to finish ensuring a consistent pigment distribution not only throughout each stick but also from lot too lot. This guarantees when you use a color today, and purchase a new soft pastel stick a year later, the color pigment will be exact.  Each and every stick is electronically inspected using a photo scanning process that ensures a distribution of pigment and pigment purity not found in other pastel products.

What does this mean to you, The Artist? You can rest assured that you are working with a product that offers invariable hue for use in sketching, undercoating, and detailed finished work.

The product itself measures (2″ / 5.08 cm’s L × 5/16″ / 0.793 cm’s sqr) making it the perfect size for ease of handling and accomplishing fine detailed work.

The recipe behind this exceptional product is based on Holbein’s soft rich pigment powder. A highly refined pure product rich in color and natural brilliance.

For the artist that demands nothing short of perfection, the Holbein Soft Pastel series is the only solution.  Golden Paint Buy Now


View or download the Material Data Safety Sheets for Holbein Artists’ Soft Pastels

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