Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paints

Once a Van Gogh product, Amsterdam acrylic paint, now manufactured by Royal Amsterdam Artists Standard Acrylic Paint SeriesTalens is the perfect choice for the beginner to intermediate artist looking for a quality product at a reasonable price.

Amsterdam standard acrylic paint offers the artist a non toxic base that can be easily be mixed with water or mediums and cleanup is a snap with warm water and soap making it the ideal choice for the classroom.

These paints do not contain heavy metals with a slightly thinner consistency ideal for translucent techniques.

The advantages to using acrylic paint over an oil base are as follows:

  • Acrylic paint is fast drying
  • Made from 100% acrylic resin
  • Thinning the acrylic paint with water or applying thinly will give a watercolor effect
  • Applying acrylic paint thicker will give an oil base appearance
  • Easy cleanup
  • Almost totally odor free

The bottles are well suited for a wide range of applications with two openings, a smaller opening for careful application plus a large opening for working with palette knives. The bottles can be stored upside down preventing the paint from drying out keeping its consistency for extended periods.

Available in 70 brilliant colors, the Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint series dries to a resilient durable  finish making it not only a superior product for all fat free surfaces including but not limited to canvas, plywood, paper cardboard, wood, gypsum, particleboard, concrete but also gives the outdoor artist a high lightfast powerful covering paint formula for murals.

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